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1Password subscriptions are 50 percent off for Verge readers today

Many of us would agree that online protection is more vital than ever before, but trying to remember a random string of letters and symbols for every site you frequent — or don’t — isn’t always easy. Password managers like 1Password are a great way to store your login credentials and beef up your security, however, one that can also save you plenty of time.

Thankfully, Verge readers can save 50 percent on their first year of 1Password for a limited time, whether they opt for an individual plan or a family subscription. The individual plan normally runs $2.99 a month and comes out to be around $36 per year, yet our exclusive discount brings the annual price down to $18. The family plan, meanwhile, will run you $2.50 a month instead of $5, culminating in $30 a year. Keep in mind, however, that the family plan is limited to five people and that each plan is only available to new 1Password users, not returning customers.

In terms of features, 1Password offers quite a few. Not only does the service store your login details, but it will send you alerts for compromised sites and vulnerable passwords, while security features like authenticated encryption keep your data safe. You can also use the service on unlimited devices and enjoy 24/7 customer support if you hit a snag.

1Password subscription (individual plan, annual cost)

  • $18
  • $36
  • 50% off

Verge readers who haven’t tried 1Password before can save 50 percent a month on an individual subscription, which normally runs $2.99 a month, for up to a year.

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