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Daily Archives: September 12, 2021

Google reportedly gave some users’ data to Hong Kong authorities in 2020

The company said last year it would stop responding to such requests

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Should we care about the lives of our kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’…

We live during a time of live, real-time culture. Telecasts, spontaneous tweetstorms, on-the-scene streams, rapid-response analysis, war rooms, Clubhouses, vlogging. We have to interact with the here and now, feel that frisson of action. It’s a compulsion: we’re enraptured by the dangers that are terrorizing whole segments of the planet. …

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Epic will appeal the Epic v. Apple decision

The game company doesn’t consider it a win

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Facebook reportedly provided inaccurate data to misinformation researchers

The data was incomplete, potentially damaging the researchers’ work

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You can now buy a $475 NFT ticket to see Beeple’s $69 million NFT at an IRL party

The ticket also includes one drink

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TCL won’t release a foldable smartphone this year

Its Project Chicago prototype has been put on indefinite hold

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Where can you buy solar panels?


Interested in solar panels, but not sure where to buy them? Start here. Buying solar panels can be a wise investment. Your home increases in value, you can take advantage of tax incentives to lower your initial costs and use the energy stored to keep your home powered through an outage. …

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