A Pink Heart Isn’t the Only New Emoji on Your iPhone

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See the full list of emoji that hit your iPhone with iOS 16.4.

Have you downloaded iOS 16.4 yet? If so, you might’ve noticed that Apple’s software update brings a collection of new features to your iPhone, from voice isolation for calls to support for PlayStation 5 controllers. The update also brings a batch of 31 new emoji.

Among the new emoji are a shaking-head smiley; animals like a donkey, moose and goose; and additional heart colors, such as plain pink and light blue. The plain pink heart has been a long-sought emoji, according to Emojipedia, which named it one of the site’s top emoji requests in 2015. Last year’s significant emoji drop in iOS 15.4 included a melting face, a lip being bitten and a pregnant man, with 37 new designs in total.

A moose, donkey and goose are some of the new emoji iPhone users might see soon.

Emojipedia said the new emoji came from Unicode’s September 2022 recommendation list, Emoji 15.0

You can start using all the latest emoji and other new features by downloading iOS 16.4 now.

For more, check out how to decipher each emoji, and take a look at the emoji you may have missed with the release of iOS 15.4.

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