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Find out about Computerworld's 100 Best Places to Work in IT program, including eligibility, survey contents, deadlines and more.

About Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT

What do IT workers want? Fair paychecks, challenging work and ample opportunities for growth, for starters. Our annual listing showcases the organizations that excel at keeping their employees engaged and loyal with compensation, training and access to hot technologies. The report is published every June.

The 2019 Best Places to Work in IT list, our 26th annual report, was published on June 17, 2019.

The FAQ list below answers many questions about participating in Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT program. Additional questions can be emailed to [email protected].

Computerworld conducts an annual survey to identify the 100 best places to work for IT professionals. We invite Computerworld readers, PR professionals and other interested parties to nominate organizations they consider great employers for IT workers. We then ask those nominated organizations that meet our basic criteria to participate in our survey.

The employers in the Best Places list are ranked by company size: Large organizations have 5,000 or more U.S. employees; Midsize have between 1,001 and 4,999 U.S. employees; and small organizations employ 1,000 or fewer U.S. workers (keeping in mind that some companies may have a large global presence but only a small U.S. footprint).

To be eligible, organizations must have a minimum of 30 IT employees. Organizations based outside the U.S. must have a minimum of 300 total employees at a U.S. headquarters and a minimum of 30 IT employees at a U.S. headquarters. At least 50% of non-U.S. organizations’ IT employees must be based in the U.S. We consider IT employees to be those IT workers who provide technology support and services to their own company — or to multiple companies through their work at an IT service provider. Workers who would *not* be included are administrative support staff for the IT department, staff who work in communications or PR for the technology department, IT contractors, or those staff whose primary role is in product development for outside sales.

In most cases, we prefer to have the parent organization, rather than subsidiaries or affiliates, apply for the Best Places to Work in IT list. However, a subsidiary or affiliate may be eligible, providing that it stands out as a separate entity from the parent organization, with separate business functions, IT leadership and so on. A subsidiary may also be eligible to apply separately if its parent organization is a holding company. In those cases, the parent organization and subsidiary may be able to apply separately. We encourage organizations to complete the nomination form or contact us at [email protected], and our Best Places research team will evaluate the submissions on a case-by-case basis.

Organizations need not be nominated to complete the survey. Additionally, participating organizations must distribute an employee survey to a randomly selected sample of their IT employees as part of the survey process.

The Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT survey resides on a secure server, which prevents network transactions from being decoded, thus preserving the privacy of sensitive information.

Questions about Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT program can be emailed to [email protected].

No. Organizations may participate even if they were not nominated. In lieu of a nomination, please send an email to [email protected] with the name and contact information (including email address) of the individual who should receive the company survey and other information; we’ll take care of the rest.

No. The survey includes private as well as public organizations.

To be considered for our Best Places to Work in IT list:

An individual familiar with employment statistics, benefits, policies and programs of your IT department and your organization should complete the survey. This could be a human resources representative, a CIO or corporate PR representative — or a team of all of the above.

Our online survey asks about organizations’ benefits, training and development, average salary increases, percent of employees promoted, turnover rates, and the percentage of women and minority employees in management in IT departments. In addition, we will collect information on each organization’s hot projects, mentoring programs and a variety of benefits ranging from elder care and childcare to flextime.

The employee survey collects data on employee satisfaction with management, benefits, workplace culture, compensation and job duties.

Answers to the survey should be based on those IT workers who provide technology support and services to their own company — or to multiple companies through their work at an IT service provider. Workers who wouldn’t be included are administrative support staff for the IT department, staff who work in communications or PR for the technology department, IT contractors, or those staff whose primary role is in product development for outside sales.

You can’t leave a question blank if it is required. Many of the questions on the survey are required; the survey can’t be processed if they aren’t answered. Please answer to the best of your ability for questions with lists or options included. If any open-ended/text based questions aren’t applicable to your organization, please indicate “NA” for “not applicable.” If there is a question you can’t answer fully given the format of the survey, you may briefly explain your answers in an addendum field that follows each survey section.

Organizations that withhold information used to rank the finalists will have points deducted from their ranking. Answers that are left blank or have unexplained N/As will be assumed to be 0 (zero).

Organizations must provide answers to questions related to data we run in our feature story and graphics in order to be considered. Please see below for the types of required information that are typically published in the report.

Yes. You will be able to save your partially-completed survey, and can save a partially-completed survey as many times as necessary. Please save your unique ID and password in order to re-enter the survey. When you return to the survey, you will be able to review/modify questions that you have already answered. However, we will continue to provide a printer-friendly version of the survey, and we recommend that you complete this survey, then enter your answers online.

We accept company information from the online survey only. Please enter all data as accurately as possible. Provide organization name, location, Web address and other information, as you would like it to appear in print.

Yes. A printer-friendly version of the 2019 Best Places company survey can be viewed here, for reference. We encourage participants to complete this version offline before filling out the online survey.

Upon survey submission, Computerworld will email you a password-protected link to view your organization’s survey responses.

Yes. Organizations will be asked to randomly select IT employees to complete an employee survey. Organizations may sample all of their IT employees, if desired, or a representative portion, as long as the following requirements are met:

Organizations will be asked to document how they choose and contact their employees to take the survey. This portion of the survey is separate from the main company survey and will be available in January 2019.

A third-party research firm will receive the employee responses via a secure server. Responses can’t be linked to specific employees, but only to your organization overall.

Yes. A printer-friendly version of the 2019 Best Places employee survey can be viewed here, for reference.

Yes. Computerworld provides a sample letter that can be customized to tell employees they’ve been selected to complete the survey and explain the survey the survey to them.

Also, we provide sample text to serve as a reminder note about the survey.

Computerworld will determine the minimum number of respondents required based on the total number of IT employees at your organization, as outlined above. Once you send the employees a link, Computerworld will keep you up to date as to the number of employee responses we have received. Organizations will be responsible for meeting that minimum requirement. Throughout that process, companies can contact [email protected] for updates on the number of employees who have filled out surveys.

Yes. Participating organizations will be asked to read and fill out a short form (to be provided in January 2019).

For organizations that complete both the company and employee surveys, Computerworld will offer a custom benchmarking report with the organization’s results compared to the average of all 100 Best Places and to other organizations in its size category, as well as the organization’s aggregate employee survey results. (Individual employee surveys will not be released.) Those reports will be available approximately one month after publication of the Best Places to Work in IT list, for a fee.

The 100 Best Places to Work in IT list is published annually in June in both the Computerworld digital magazine and online at

Computerworld notifies the organizations that make the Best Places list several weeks in advance of publication. Computerworld’s marketing group contacts winners to offer assistance with press releases.

Below is the 2019 Best Places to Work in IT timeline. The schedule for the 2020 Best Places program will be similar.

Computerworld tries to avoid printing information that an organization may consider competitive. The following information may appear in the digital magazine or online:

Please note that overall IT budget and other sensitive information will not be reported. Such information will be used only in aggregate format or for ranking purposes.

Please email your questions to the following address: [email protected].

In the subject line, please include your organization name and be as descriptive as possible in the subject line as to the nature of your inquiry.

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