Saturday , September 4 2021
Dell Chromebook

All you need is $95 and a smile to score this Dell Chromebook today

Just kidding, the smile is optional. This Chromebook deal is pretty great through.

A new laptop doesn’t need to break the bank, especially if all you really need is a good web browser and a decent screen. That’s the cool thing about getting a Chromebook — the cost is often perfect for the occasional Zoom call or showing a recipe on a larger screen. While there are plush Chromebooks capable of doing quite a bit of “serious” computing like photo editing or running 30 browser tabs at once, if you just need something simple that will last a little while, you’ll find this Woot deal on a refurbished Dell Chromebook will more than get the job done. And it’s only $95.

Dell’s 11-inch Chromebook is packing a 32GB solid-state drive, an Intel dual-core N3060 processor and 4GB of RAM. That’s enough for someone who wants to join a video chat, with enough battery to get you through a full day on a single charge. It’s a great starter laptop for someone doing elementary school from home occasionally, or someone who needs a laptop for things they can’t just do on their phone. For $95 you’re getting plenty of computer, if you need one now.

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