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Don’t wait until Black Friday to score deals on Google’s best smartphones.

Amazon’s Selling the Google Pixel 3a For $100 Off

Fall is a time for new gadget releases, which also means that you can score great deals on last year’s models even without waiting until Black Friday. Since Google released the latest Pixel 4 smartphone last month, Amazon is now offering the Pixel 3a for up to $100 off. Though the cheapest model you can get is the standard Pixel 3a in Just Black for $299, there’s also the XL version available for $99 off in Clearly White and Purple-ish, or for $80 off in Black.

Though the Pixel 4 has the best-in-class camera with improved Night Sight as well as an upgraded OLED display and all-new Motion Sense features, it comes at a steep price. We loved the 3a before for its more affordable starting price at under $500, but now this smartphone’s price tag looks even better.

Even though the 3a doesn’t have the latest wireless charging, OLED screen, metal construction, or super-fast processor, we haven’t noticed any actual performance issues in our testing—and you likely won’t notice the subtle differences either. In many ways, the budget phone is even better than the standard Pixel 3 since it includes a headphone jack and a longer battery life. Plus, you still get Google’s impressive camera.


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