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Animation and builds get special attention in the latest upgrade to the official IDE for Android development

Android Studio 4.0 adds Motion Editor and Build Analyzer


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Android Studio 4.0, the latest version of the official IDE for Android mobile development, has reached the stable channel stage. The update features capabilities such as a new Motion Editor and a Build Analyzer.

Motion Editor is a visual design editor for the MotionLayout type. The editor makes it easier to use the MotionLayout API to manage motion and widget animation in their applications. XML files are generated, saving developers from this task. Also offered is support for editing constraint sets, transitions, keyframes, and view attributes. MotionLayout builds upon the capabilities of ConstraintLayout for designing large and complex Android views.

Build Analyzer addresses bottlenecks in a build such as disabled optimizations and improperly configured tasks. Build Analyzer is supported in the Android Gradle 4.0.0 plug-in by using Java 8 language APIs and creating feature-on-feature dependencies between Dynamic Feature modules.

Android Studio 4.0 can be downloaded from the Android Studio developers website.  Other capabilities in Android Studio 4.0 include:

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