Monday , January 25 2021

Apple Arcade adds new annual $49.99 subscription option

Apple Arcade is adding an annual subscription option for $49.99 per year, joining the existing $4.99 monthly subscription option for the gaming service, as spotted by

The annual option (which costs $59.99 per year in Canada, £49.99 per year in the UK, and €49.99 per year in Europe) effectively gives customers two free months of Apple Arcade by offering a full year of access to the service for the price of 10 months. Offering a discounted annual price is common among nearly every other subscription service on the internet — including Apple’s own Music and TV Plus services — so it’s not surprising to see Apple add it to Arcade, too.

Customers who already subscribe to the monthly Apple Arcade plan can switch to the annual one by navigating to the Subscriptions menu in the App Store app. New Apple Arcade subscribers will presumably be presented with the annual option when signing up, too.

Apple Arcade offers access to over 100 games on iOS, Apple TV, and macOS, all of which promise zero in-app purchases or payments. A single subscription can be shared with up to six people through Apple’s Family Sharing service.

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