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If you’ve wanted this model, Black Friday might as well be today.

Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular drops to the lowest price ever


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The Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and cellular originally would put you back $380, although in recent months you could find it selling for around $230. Today, though, the 38mm aluminum model with the white sport band is selling for just $199 on Amazon, which is phenomenal for an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity. For comparison, the space gray model of the same watch is still selling for $299.

If you don’t like the white sport band, you can easily switch it out with any other 38mm or 40mm Apple Watch band. We even have some recommendations.

So far as we know, this is the best deal you’re going to see on the cellular model for the holiday season (although, of course, we might see a surprise deal toward the end of the month). The GPS-only model is the star of the “real” Black Friday deals we know about, and you can get one for just $129 from Walmart if you don’t mind waiting until November 27.

Just keep in mind that this watch is two generations old now, which means you’ll miss out on features like the larger display, built-in ECG and fall detector, better battery life, and new watch faces of the Series 4 and Series 5. The Series 5 even has an always-on display. And yes, these are all good things to have.

I’ll add that I personally still only wear an Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular, and I’ve felt no real desire to upgrade, apart from some envy over the new watch faces. This model is still fast, the battery life is decent (though not great), and it’s so water-resistant that it’s effectively waterproof. If you want to see why people are so in love with their Apple Watches (or you want to get one for a family member), this is an excellent place to start. For more information, be sure to check out our glowing review.

If you’d like to dig around and see your other options, be sure to check out our roundup of the best Black Friday deals on Apple products.

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