Friday , October 30 2020

Apple’s Tile competitor may finally be in production

Apple’s Tile-like location tracking product has finally entered production, according to a report from Nikkei, meaning you might be able to buy them sometime soon. Rumors about the trackers, which will apparently help you wirelessly locate items they’re attached to like a bag or wallet, have been swirling since last year. They may be called “AirTags,” are apparently designed to work with Apple’s Find My app, and are expected to be small circular discs.

AirTags may have some kind of offline finding feature, too, according to a now-deleted Apple support video, meaning they may not require a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to be located. That suggests they could have ultra-wideband radio technology built in, similar to the U1 chip in the iPhone 11.

Despite apparently being in production, it’s not clear when the AirTags might come out. In an August 31st report, Bloomberg said that AirTags are still in development and could come with a leather carrying case, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has said they could be part of Apple’s fall product lineup. Apple has announced an event for September 15th, which is technically before the start of fall, but there’s always the chance the company will take the wraps off them then.


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