Thursday , September 2 2021

The true owner remains a mystery

Atari claims Soulja Boy does not own the company

Soulja Boy made a stunning announcement to his legions of adoring fans on Wednesday.

“I am now the owner of Atari,” the rapper revealed on Instagram.

He also disclosed that the company was set to buy his own gaming business for a cool $140 million. The Crank Dat songwriter said Atari was “real proud” of his work with the SouljaGame consoles:

I just signed two deals with Atari. I’m the owner. The first rapper to ever own a video game company.

It looked like a match made in heaven. A struggling gaming firm had found a celebrated entrepreneur with the industry credentials to return it to past glories.

Unfortunately, cracks have already appeared in the relationship.

In a tweet apparently referencing Soulja Boy’s comments, Atari said the title of CEO “belongs to Wade Rosen.”

Admittedly, Soulja Boy has a history of making outlandish claims. He also says he came up with the idea of Facetime and was the first rapper on YouTube.

But in this case, Soulja Boy has the receipts.

At the time of writing, Atari had produced no evidence that Soulja Boy does not own the company. We’ll update this story if that changes.

HT — GamingBible.

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