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We're now in one of the best times of year to build a PC.

Black Friday 2019 deals: The cheapest gaming PC you can build


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You can find deals on PC components all year round, but Black Friday is unique in how loss leaders, a broader variety of low-priced items, and combo discounts chain together. The end result is savings across the board, with parts arriving all about the same time for immediate assembly and enjoyment.

Over the last few years (2016, 2017, and 2018), I’ve challenged myself to see just how cheaply you could build a gaming PC using Black Friday deals. Each November, the results have gotten better and better. Ryzen keeps increasing in performance while dropping in price, and likewise SSDs with capacity. For 2019, RAM will be an additional source for high-value bargains.

How do we know this? Well, Black Friday isn’t officially here yet, but the deals are already rolling out. And because the sales have been trickling out, I’m kicking off this article with discounts that catch my eye. That way, you can take advantage of great prices as they pop up if you’re building along with me.

The build list for the cheapest gaming PC possible will come later, when Black Friday deals are in full swing. (Likely early next week.) And don’t worry—I’ll have several gaming builds to suggest, not just the cheapest one possible.

Note: Asterisked deals are exceptional prices. Deals in italics have expired.

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