Wednesday , October 27 2021


Hacking lettuce for taste and profit

“The first thing you notice is just the smell,” chief science officer of Bowery Farming Henry Sztul says excitedly. “It’s got that smell, right?” There’s a kind of visceral sense memory that hits you as you enter Farm Zero, a Proustian moment that overtakes the senses after years of living …

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The Bowery Farming TC-1

Farming is the most fundamental activity of civilization. Efficient, reliable and abundant food allows the great majority of people today to eschew cultivating plants and raising livestock and instead pursue every other activity that makes up an economy. It’s also an enterprise that has seen extensive innovation over the millennia, …

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Upgrade your yard lighting to LED the smart way. Here’s how


Keep your current garden lights, but change the bulbs. You likely have a lot of “smart” devices around your home: speakers, video doorbells, security cameras, thermostats and more. But have you thought about taking those smarts outside your home?  One of the last “dumb” things in your smart home might be your outdoor lighting. …

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