Wednesday , October 27 2021


Upgrade your yard lighting to LED the smart way. Here’s how


Keep your current garden lights, but change the bulbs. You likely have a lot of “smart” devices around your home: speakers, video doorbells, security cameras, thermostats and more. But have you thought about taking those smarts outside your home?  One of the last “dumb” things in your smart home might be your outdoor lighting. …

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Wi-Fi 6E routers are here, and we’re not ready for them


Commentary: A new generation of routers boasts access to the ultrawide 6GHz band — but right now, that band means very little for the average home network. The Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 is one of the first Wi-Fi 6E routers you can buy. The sixth generation of Wi-Fi — 802.11ax, or …

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Best outdoor home security cameras of 2021

Whether you’re looking for wired or wireless options, these outdoor security cameras will keep an eye on your home — even through wind and rain. Keeping an eye on your house while you’re away is a great way to protect your loved ones and property, and deter potential burglars. And …

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The best Netflix documentaries in 2021


Here’s our choices for the best documentaries on Netflix. Bad Sport is the latest sports documentary series from Netflix. It rules. When it comes to documentaries, Netflix is about as good as it gets. True crime, history, sports… it’s got it all. Almost too much. To the point where it’s overwhelming. you …

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All 10 Spider-Man movies ranked


Our take on the best Spider-Man movies. Yes, this is a deepfake! Has any superhero series been rebooted more than Spider-Man? Maybe it’s recency bias but I’d argue no. Maybe Batman?  Either way, there are a lot of Spider-Man movies, so we’ve decided to figure which ones are the best… and …

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