Sunday , October 24 2021


Twitch takedown: Is extortion the new ransomware?

Ian McShane Contributor Share on Twitter Ian McShane is Field CTO at Arctic Wolf. The massive Twitch hack last week was just the latest example of a high-profile breach that has the security industry in a frenzy. Everyone is asking themselves how this could happen, how such a large store …

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Microsoft to pull LinkedIn from Chinese market

American technology giant Microsoft announced today that it will pull its professional social network LinkedIn from the Chinese market later this year. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for more than $26 billion back in 2016. The news comes amidst a flurry of regulatory changes in the Asian nation, as well as rising …

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War dogs

Let’s talk about strapping guns to the backs of robots. I’m not a fan (how’s that for taking a stand?). When MSCHF did it with Spot back in February, it was a thought experiment, art exhibit and a statement about where society might be headed with autonomous robotics. And most …

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