Saturday , May 28 2022


Deliverr’s nearly flat exit price isn’t as bad as it looks

The leading story in technology-land this morning is the multibillion dollar exit of Deliverr, a San Francisco, California-based e-commerce fulfillment startup, to e-commerce giant Shopify. At first blush, the deal looks like a clear win. What startup wouldn’t want to exit for billions to a company growing as quickly as …

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Copper is building ‘the Instagram for book lovers’

Any book lover knows the feeling: The incredible novel you’re reading ends with a vicious cliffhanger, and all you want to do is gab with other fans about what might happen next, but none of your friends have read the book. You might find fan discussions on Reddit, Tumblr or …

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How to type special characters on a Windows 11 PC

You just have to know how to do it

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Go listen to this podcast about the history of the Windows startup sound

Featuring Brian Eno, orchestras, and a lot of feelings in 3.8 seconds

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Windows 11 basics: how to personalize your wallpaper and lock screen

Change the look on your screen

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Windows 11 basics: how to use System Restore to go back in time

Send your system back to a safer place

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