Monday , November 28 2022


Former Nintendo employee says they were fired for union activity

A labor complaint alleges Nintendo engaged in employee surveillance in order to discourage unionization efforts

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DHS creates Cyber Safety Review Board, targets Log4j exploit for its first report

The board was outlined in the president’s executive order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity

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In controversial move, EU says nuclear power and gas can be green investments

Some countries are fuming over the new rules

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White House says 400 million free N95 masks will be available at US pharmacies

The government will source the masks from the National Strategic Stockpile

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The FAA says some 777s are cleared to fly to airports with 5G C-band

The regulator was concerned about the safety of low-visibility landings at some airports

Read More » CEO confirms hundreds of accounts were hacked, hedges on other details

CEO Kris Marszalek and his team were criticized for vague communication around the hack

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Emirates, Air India, and others cancel flights due to AT&T and Verizon’s 5G rollout

Airlines have dropped flights or switched planes to certain US cities, with emphasis on 777 aircraft

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Apple and Google split with startups over antitrust bill

Apple and Google aren’t happy

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White House hosts tech summit to discuss open-source security after Log4j

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others will explore threat landscape for open-source dependencies

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Want the ‘TLDR’ on a site’s terms of service? There’s a bill for that

And it has bipartisan support, too

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Congress subpoenas Meta, Alphabet, Twitter, and Reddit over January 6th Capitol attack

Following voluntary requests last year

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‘Massive cyber attack’ hits Ukraine government websites as tensions with Russia escalate

“We can imagine who is behind it,” says EU head of foreign affairs

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