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Tiny wireless microphones with their own charging case

DJI’s new microphones take inspiration from Apple’s AirPods

DJI made a name for itself in the drone world, and it’s recently branched out with all sorts of action and gimbal cameras. Now the company is extending to a new market with the release of the DJI Mic, a $329 wireless microphone system that takes a page out of Apple’s AirPods and other wireless earbuds.

While the DJI Mic is far from the first compact wireless microphone system, it stands out with its AirPods-like case. The chunky case holds two wireless microphones which pair to a single receiver, making it convenient for interviews, vlogs, and other situations in which you might want to record more than one audio source.

The microphone system is compatible with virtually any device that can record audio, able to connect via USB-C, Lightning, or a good-old 3.5mm jack.

But the really clever part is basically just copying what wireless earbuds have been doing for years: expanding the battery life with a case that doubles as a battery pack. Each clip-on microphone has a battery life of 5.5 hours on its own, but with the case, that is extended to a total of 15 hours.

Each mic also has 8GB of built-in storage for up to 14 hours of recording. Files are recorded at 24-bit/48 kHz quality, and DJI’s encrypted wireless transmission tech allows for a range of 250 meters with a direct line of sight.

DJI Mic top viewDJI Mic top view

Other than the impressive range, most of those specs are not unheard of. Still, I suspect having the entire system contained in a pocketable case will make DJI’s new Mic system highly attractive to creators for much the same reason as the AirPods: it’s just convenient.

I didn’t think I needed a clip-on microphone in my life, but the flexibility of DJI’s system makes me feel like it’d be an excellent option for recording sound from multiple sources on the move. Hopefully, the sound quality lives up to all the hardware fanciness on display.

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