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Everything I want from Apple’s rumored AirTags

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Earlier this year, reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the company is set to release Tile-like tags to find your wallet, bag, keys, and such. Now, according to Nikkei Asian Review, Apple AirTags are already under production.

The iPhone-maker is hosting an event on September 15 and there’s a chance it might unveil the new product during the keynote presentation — even if it ships later.

Apple is pretty good at designing things, so I expect these tags to be compact enough to keep into my wallet or keychain without forming a bulge in my pocket.

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The company prices its products in a premium range. Some popular item trackers such as Tile and Chipolo sell their base product in a pack of four, priced at $70-$90. If AirTags have similar features, Apple can’t ask for much more. Especially, when it has already allowed support for third-party item trackers in its Find My app in iOS 14.

If Apple ends up releasing a base and a premium version, I’d ideally want GPS support and the ability to work cross-platform. Unless the company is using some proprietary technology, I see no reason why the tags can’t work with an Android phone through an app.

Most of the item tracks have a long-lasting battery that you have to replace after a few months. Hopefully, the AirTags battery is common enough that you can find an easy replacement if needed.

Lastly, I would love it if the tech giant makes its AirTags available globally, and not just limited to some countries such as the US, Canada, and the UK. Make it happen, Apple.

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Published September 9, 2020 — 08:32 UTC

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