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Facebook will let nonprofits include a donate button on their Instagram profiles

Facebook is launching three new product features to increase fundraising across its platforms: a new Instagram donation button, a fundraising sticker in Facebook, and the broader rollout of fundraising on Facebook gaming live streams.

The Instagram button might be the change that generates the most new donations. Nonprofit businesses will now be able to include a donation button on their Instagram profile, next to where they list their phone number, and it’ll be there permanently. Previously, they could only include donation stickers in their Stories, which disappeared after 24 hours. (That same donation sticker is now coming to Facebook Stories, too.)

Facebook is also making its gaming charity live streams available to more of its Level Up gamers. They’ll be able to select a cause and request that their viewers donate money as they watch them game live. The streamer can set a goal amount, and a notification will pop up in the chat as people donate, allowing the streamer to shout out individual users.

While these features likely won’t revolutionize Facebook’s fundraising efforts, they’ll put donations more front and center for various users and facilitate contributions. The company is also separately going to assist nonprofits in finding volunteers; they can list opportunities on their page and people can sign up remotely.


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