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For under $80, this RemoBell camera helps you get the drop on visitors.


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Gift-buying season is here, but we can’t always be at the door when a valuable package arrives. Luckily, the RemoBell S allows you to know exactly when the mail person arrives, even when you’re away from home. You can grab one on sale for $77.35 with code MERRYSAVE15.

The RemoBell S is a smart video doorbell camera that replaces your old, non-video recording doorbell. It sports a 180º viewing angle, video-based motion detection, and night vision. You can keep track of anyone who approaches your door by downloading the remo+ app, which will send you notifications whenever your RemoBell S detects movement. Additionally, you can use remo+ to speak with anyone at your door in real-time, which is perfect if you’re expecting guests or important deliveries.

With the RemoBell S, you’ll always be present at your door, even when you’re not home. The RemoBell S is usually $99, but you can get it today for $77.35 with code MERRYSAVE15.

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