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Get an extra 15% off these cloud services on Labor Day

Storing files on a hard drive? Then be prepared to kiss them goodbye. That’s because even the best hard drives fail eventually, taking everything stored within them in the process. If you want a more secure way to store your files, then check out these offers on safe cloud storage solutions. And, since you’ll save an extra 15 percent this Labor Day with code, now’s the perfect time.

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription

ThunderDrive is one of the best cloud storage services you can get for the money. Their Lifetime Pro Subscription, which is valued at $1,200, offers a massive amount of cloud-based space — 2TB in fact — with which to store all your documents, photos, and more. And, since it’s compatible with almost every platform out there, you can access them across your devices.

We normally offer their Pro subscription package for $59 but, this Labor Day, you can get it for just $50.15 when you enter the code SAVE15STORAGE at checkout.

Degoo Premium: Lifetime 1TB Backup Plan

Degoo provides an ample amount of cloud space with which to store your files. They’ll be easily accessible to you across all your devices and kept secure from hackers thanks to their 256-bit AES encryption. Simply back up your files on a regular basis and, should you ever suffer a catastrophic loss, you can easily restore your file system to like new condition.

A lifetime subscription to their 1TB backup plan is valued at $900. We normally offer it to readers for just $49.99 but, when you enter the code SAVE15STORAGE, you’ll save 15 percent off this price and get it for only $42.49.

Koofr Cloud Storage Plan: Lifetime Subscription

Cloud storage is great. But it can make file management a challenge, especially if you use several cloud services at the same time. And that’s where Koofr comes in. It links to all your service like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive so you enjoy easy access to everything through one simple interface.

A lifetime subscription, which is valued at $270, would normally be offered for $19.99. Enter code SAVE15STORAGE at checkout, however, and you’ll save 15 percent more and get it for only $16.99.

Zoolz Cloud Backup: 1TB of Cloud Cold Backup with Multiuser Access

Cloud storage is smart for home users. But, for business users, it’s downright genius. That’s because file loss can cause a whole litany of issues that could range from revenue loss all the way up to legal liability. In other words, it needs to be avoided at all costs. And that’s what you’ll do with Zoolz Cloud Backup. It offers all the space you need for multiple users and is cost effective too.

One year of access for 5 users, which is valued at $3,600, has been marked down to $89. When you enter the code SAVE15STORAGE at checkout, however, you’ll save 15 percent extra and subscribe for just $75.65.

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Prices subject to change.

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