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Apple’s noise-cancelling earbuds are currently backordered, but shipping probably won’t take that long.

Get the AirPods Pro at Amazon for a record low price


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If you head over to Amazon today, you can get Apple’s hot new AirPods Pro for $234.98, down about $14 from the normal retail price of $249. This is also the lowest price we’ve ever seen them listed for on Amazon, although they’ve dipped back down to this price several times since they launched in October.

There’s just one catch. They’re currently backordered, so Amazon won’t be able to ship them until it gets more units in stock. That means no two-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Technically, shipping may even take weeks—I highly doubt it’ll come to that.

But I’ll say that a $14 discount isn’t too shabby if you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy these, and it’s doubtful we’ll see a better discount anytime soon.

The main feature that sets the AirPods Pro apart from the standard version is their excellent noise cancellation, and that’s become a godsend for me when I’m riding buses and trains (even when I’m not playing any music). If you need to hear the world around you, the “transparency” mode works great too. Additional features include three different sizes of silicone tips and a wireless charging case. Be sure to check out our glowing review for more information.

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