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GoDaddy Websites + Marketing is changing how businesses market online


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Every business needs a website. Even the smallest brick and mortar operations face a far greater chance of success when they have an online presence. Despite this, many don’t use one as part of their marketing plan due to a mistaken impression that creating a website is prohibitively expensive.

Sure, there are those who pay a pretty penny for a design and marketing team to build their online presence, but that’s far from your only option. GoDaddy Websites + Marketing is helping more businesses succeed online with a suite of resources that virtually any entrepreneur can use.

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing provides world class web services that’ll put any business on the map. Its comprehensive website builder makes it easy to produce a professional-looking site. Even a person with no technical skill can quickly create one that’ll look like it was developed by a pro coder.

But, the platform doesn’t just stop there. Once your site is up and running, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing provides a range of supplemental tools that will help you market your business online. With GoDaddy InSight™ you’ll get specific, tailored action plans for your website that can set you up for success. From social media activity to online reviews, you’ll get recommendations for you based on your industry, and you can track your site’s performance against other businesses in your industry. 

Plus, you can send out email blasts, manage your business’ various social media profiles, and more from anywhere via the platform.

In a nutshell, having GoDaddy Websites + Marketing is kind of like having your own marketing and communications department, just without the expensive salaries.

The bottom line is that businesses — even those that don’t actually conduct any online transactions — are more successful with a website. Contrary to what some may believe, building one isn’t difficult nor does it have to be expensive. And, since you can try GoDaddy’s website builder and marketing tools risk-free for one month, there’s never been a better time to explore the possibilities. You can sign up for a trial now—no credit card required.

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