Sunday , December 6 2020

Google Chrome introduces tab search — here’s how to use it

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We’ve all been there: there are too many tabs open on our Chrome and we can’t really find the one we’re looking for. Luckily, Google is updating its browser with a handy tab search feature that ought to solve that.

Chrome 87 will bring a new button next to the new tab sign that’ll help you find an already open tab. Click on that button, and you’ll be able to type in the title of the tab you’re searching for.


Google said that this feature is coming to Chromebooks first and other desktop systems later. If you’re using a Windows machine, you can try out this guide from 9to5Google to enable this feature before it becomes available officially. For Mac users like me, there seems to be no option but to wait it out.

In addition to the tab search, the company also introduced tab throttling for performance and battery boost along with direct actions from the address bar in the latest version of its browser.

Earlier in May, Google started to roll out its tab grouping feature to manage your work better. You can check out our guide for using tab grouping on Chrome here.

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Published November 18, 2020 — 08:30 UTC

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