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Google Pixel 5A vs. Pixel 4A vs. Pixel 3A: How the new phone compares to the old ones

Here’s the scoop.

Google’s Pixel 5a

Google on Tuesday took the wraps off the Pixel 5A. It’s the latest member of Google’s budget-conscious A line of phones, which includes both the Pixel 4A and Pixel 3A. The Pixel 5A is available for preorders today on Google’s online store in the US and Japan ahead of a launch in those two countries on Aug. 26. The unlocked phone works on all major carrier networks in the US and Japan. In the US, the 5A will also be available through Google Fi

Like all phones in Google’s A series, the 5A is a stripped-down version of last year’s flagship, which in this case is the Pixel 5. The Pixel 5A has a 6.34-inch OLED screen with a holepunch camera in the upper left corner. Under the hood, there’s a midrange Snapdragon 765G chipset (the G stands for gaming) as well as the Titan M security chip, which debuted in 2018’s Pixel 3. Google said the chip protects important data including your texts, photos and personal information. Flip the 5A around, and you’ll find a 16-megapixel ultrawide camera and 12-megapixel main camera.

The price of an A-series Pixel phone has changed every year since Google introduced the lineup in 2019 with the Pixel 3A.  The Pixel 3A started at $399, the lowest price of an A series phone before Google hiked up prices to $499 for the Pixel 4A. This year’s Pixel 5A received a $50 price cut, retailing at $449 for the single version on the market, which has 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. (The phone is not launching in the UK and Australia, but its $449 price converts to roughly £320 or AU$630.)

Google’s A-series phones tend to have some of the best cameras you can buy for the price. Former CNET editor Lynn La, who reviewed the Pixel 4, said it was stacked with cameras that “raise the bar for how good a budget phone’s camera can be.” Read about how the Pixel 5A cameras fare in action in our ongoing Pixel 5A review. Over the years, the battery size has increased and the phone itself has grown along with it. The Pixel 5A is also the first Google A-series phone to receive an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance.

For more details on how Google’s Pixel A phones stack up, take a look at the specs charts below.

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