Tuesday , January 26 2021

Google will show where to watch NBA or MLB games right in search

Google may finally end the internet tradition of traffic-grabbing how-to-watch posts with a new search feature that will display local TV and streaming options for NBA and MLB games when you search phrases like “how to watch the Lakers games.”

The new feature is rolling out in the US today, and it can incorporate your location data to help you figure out which specific local channel is airing the game you want to watch. The new TV options will also appear on Google’s existing sport game search widgets alongside things like the box score or time remaining in the game.

Right now, the feature supports MLB and NBA games and works with a variety of cable and network channels. Google says it’s working to support more leagues and more internet streaming options in the near future.

In addition to the new live sport feature, Google is also expanding its personalized TV and movie recommendations that it launched last year to incorporate new carousels of live content that’s currently airing on cable and broadcast TV. Now, instead of just getting an idea of a show or movie that you might want to watch, you can find content that’s available to watch right now.

This Article was first published on theverge.com

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