Tuesday , August 31 2021

Grab a digital air fryer for $30 and cut calories from your favorite foods

If you haven’t joined the air fryer club yet, today’s the day.

I have a 2.5-quart air fryer sitting on my counter right now and it almost never leaves, if I’m being honest. It’s my new go-to for incredible chicken thighs (15 minutes, add a sauce and then another 10) and homemade french fries, among other things. I’m usually cooking for two and it’s more than enough room to get done what I need to get done without cramping my counter completely. I got the Magic Bullet and paid $80 for it (harrumph!) but you can get a similarly sized 2.1-quart Elite Gourmet air fryer for less than half that if you nab it on Woot right now. The mighty little cooker is down to $30 (normally sells for $48) but only for today or until supplies run out. 

If you’ve never tried an air fryer before, I implore you to and this is a very low-risk way of getting one in the house. It has a touchscreen to help toggle between temps and set timers. The beauty of an air fryer is crispy and moist food without using a ton of oil the way you would with deep or pan-frying. 

I’m a total convert and this little fryer might make you one too.

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