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A new model might be on the near horizon, but this is still a capable 4K streaming device.

Grab an Apple TV 4K for a rare discount


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If you’re enjoying Apple TV+, then you should consider getting an Apple TV 4K. (And let’s admit, that sentence highlights how iffy Apple’s branding is for these only vaguely related things.) Today B&H is offering an extremely rare discount on Apple’s set-top box, which will let you walk away with one for as little as $169.

Specifically, you can get the 32GB model for $169,Remove non-product link down from Apple’s usual price of $179Remove non-product link. You can also get the 64GB model for $184Remove non-product link, down from the normal price of $199. If you plan on using your Apple TV 4K for playing Apple Arcade games—and it works well for that—you’ll probably want that extra space. These aren’t big discounts, but they’re impressive considering that this device rarely goes on sale.

The Apple TV 4K itself is impressive, with the exception of its touched-based Siri Remote. The interface is intuitive (especially after the recent redesign), and the 4K output is every bit as impressive as you should expect from an Apple device.

The one drawback is that it’s getting a little long in the tooth. Our review dates from 2017, and it still ships with an A10X Fusion chip, which was the same chip you’ll find in the 2017 iPad Pros. It’ll serve you fine long as you just use it to watch TV, but you might see some struggling frame rates with some Apple Arcade games unless you lower the device’s overall video settings.

Some clues in the iOS 13 beta suggest that new Apple TV models could be out this year (and possibility as early as next month), but this is mostly based on speculation.

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