Thursday , October 21 2021

Grab this vanity mirror for $11 and see your skin in a new light

This vanity mirror is big, bright and bold enough to highlight your best features.

Using a vanity mirror with a good lighting system will help you achieve the polished look you want, no matter where you go. There’s a great deal at Amazon right now on a vanity mirror for $11, which is 72% off its listed price. While you can get your go-to look using your bathroom mirror and light, it’s difficult to do correctly, especially if you’re a newbie to makeup application. What you see under a dim light in your bathroom will likely be very different when you step outside. Good lighting and a big vanity mirror can make all the difference in the world.  

There’s a lot to like about this vanity mirror. Beyond the price, it has three built-in lighting colors — cold white light, daylight and warm yellow light — so you can test out how you look with those settings. Then there’s the size; depending on how big your desk or table is, this mirror is big enough to capture all of your angles, but is small enough to leave room for your skin care and makeup. It also saves the last brightness setting you had before, which saves you the trouble of cycling through its settings when you turn it back on. And it comes with a charging port for your phone. There are other great vanity mirrors out there — some are smaller and others have additional light settings. But for its size, style and features, you can’t beat this price.

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