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Here are the Samsung devices getting three generations of Android updates

Samsung has confirmed exactly which of its devices will be receiving “three generations” of Android updates, after announcing the initiative at its Note 20 launch event earlier this month. As expected, the list includes flagship phones going back to last year’s Galaxy S10, but there are also a couple of new inclusions from Samsung’s foldable and tablet ranges.

In the past, Samsung generally promised two years of updates, but now its phones could be supported for as many as three, depending upon how the company defines “generations.” For example, Samsung says its Galaxy S20 phones will receive “three OS upgrades starting with Android 11,” meaning that unless Android’s naming or release schedule changes the phones should go on to receive Android 12 in 2021, and Android 13 in 2022. Extending support for Android updates is important for owners who are keeping their devices longer.

Here’s Samsung’s full list of three-generation devices, which includes its flagship S and Note-series phones, foldables, Galaxy Tab tablets, and mid-range Galaxy A-series phones that far outsell its flagships:

Beyond these phones, Samsung says it’s “committed to providing the latest Android OS upgrades until the hardware specifications allow.” It also cautions that upgrade availability may vary by market.

It’s worth noting, however, that even if a phone is guaranteed to get three generations of Android updates this doesn’t say anything about how quickly it will receive them after their official release. Samsung says that the Galaxy S20 lineup will be the first Galaxy devices to be updated to Android 11 “later this year.” Delayed OS updates aren’t a problem that’s exclusive to Samsung, however, and in general the situation is improving across the Android ecosystem.

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