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Here’s a simple Apple Watch charging stand that keeps your watch powered up — and looks good doing it

TLDR: This Apple Watch Charging Cable and Stand can not only charge up your device, but it can do it stylishly for under $20.

We all love our Apple Watches. But what we don’t love is trying to determine whether they’re charging or not. With the Magsafe magnetic chargers, it’s often tough to tell if you’ve got a good connection and your watch is actually juicing up.

Meanwhile, many Apple Watch charging stands take up an inordinate amount of desktop space, while others simply look…well, bad.

All most users want is a stand that keeps their watch fully charged and doesn’t look like an eyesore. Thankfully, this Apple Watch Charging Cable and Stand from Tech Zebra ($18.99, 62 percent off, from TNW Deals) efficiently fits the bill.

Sleek, stylish, and seamless, this durable silicone stand with a non-slip base cuts an absolutely unobtrusive profile on your desk, nightstand, or countertop. At barely over 2.5 inches high, you almost won’t even realize it’s there.

That is, until your Apple Watch needs a power up. Just slip your watch over the stand, connect to the nearly 4-foot long charging cable and let the charging begin. The entire setup is designed to accommodate all Apple Watch series and sizes, so every device is welcome.

While the stand can get your Apple Watch back to full strength quickly at home, it’s also lightweight and portable to carry with you any time your adventures take you outside the house. Just drop it in your travel bag and you’ll always be ready for a charging emergency.

In addition to its charging versatility, it also blends into any surrounding — mostly because you can pick the color that works best for you. Along with standard tech accessory colors like black, white, and grey, you can also get this stand in some livelier colors, including navy blue, sky blue, light green, red, and pink.

Regularly priced at $49, you can pick up an Apple Watch Charging Cable and Stand now for more than 60 percent off its retail price at just $18.99.

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