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Here’s how to view the Android 11 statue in AR

Google has officially announced Android 11, and the new operating system is already rolling out to Pixel phones. In honor of the release, Google has created a statue that you can view in augmented reality on any Android phone. Dave Burke, Android’s VP of engineering, tweeted a picture of the virtual statue earlier this afternoon.

Android 11 starts rolling out today! Incredibly proud of our team for everything they’ve done, especially with what 2020 has thrown at us.

Android traditionally puts up a physical statue in Mountain View for each release — last year’s was a large number 10 signed by the Android team. The 11 is the first Android statue that’s entirely in AR, which makes sense since COVID-19 has pumped the brakes on many people’s travel plans. It comes with some fun effects as well — the Android logo will appear in various locations around the statue as you view it, and there’s a recipe for red velvet cake on the side.

If you’re on an Android phone and want to check out the statue for yourself, click this link, which Burke also tweeted.

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