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How NationBuilder is using technology to power people-led movements


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If you were to marry the targeting and organizational capabilities of a CRM (customer relationship management) software and the ease-of-use and functionality of an all-in-one website builder like Squarespace, the tech platform would probably resemble NationBuilder, an innovative platform that takes advocacy and people-led movements into the 21st century. 

NationBuilder functions as a one-stop digital hub to organize and rally supporters, and gives users access to a variety of essential fundraising, communication, and community engagement tools. These include processing recurring donations, targeting various members of the community based on real-time data to help mobilize your group, sending personalized alerts and messages to members, and conducting A/B testing. More importantly, it puts your community members front and center in the conversation — and that, at the end of the day, is what really matters. 

Unlike other services that focus only on a singular part of a campaign, NationBuilder gives users support throughout the entire process holistically, starting from acquisition and lasting as long as you’re fighting for your cause. 

While originally used for non-profit campaigns, NationBuilder’s powerful interface can work just as well for other needs. Think community programs, corporations looking to gain support on a piece of legislation, or an artist looking to connect with their digital following. Past success stories on the platform are impressive: including the 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang, the Australian Marriage Equality campaign, and University of California’s advocacy projects. 

Currently, NationBuilder is giving readers a free 14-day trial so they can test out the service for themselves. Better yet, those who do the 14-day trial will also receive on free month of service after the trial ends. 

For more information on NationBuilder and how to use its technology for your needs, click here

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