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How the Surface Book 3 compares to the new MacBook Pro and other top laptops

Microsoft’s new Surface Book 3 is here, with an update that keeps the design largely the same as the previous model but overhauls the internal specs up to the top standards of what you’d expect from a 2020 laptop.

The new laptops — once again, available in 13.5-inch and 15-inch sizes — promise improvements of up to 50 percent compared to their predecessors, with options for discrete Nvidia GTX 1650 Max-Q graphics cards on the 13-inch model, and the GTX 1660Ti on the 15-inch. (Enterprise customers will also have the option of the Quadro RTX 3000.)

The processors have also been upgraded to Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake chips for better performance and battery optimization. The new Surface Book 3 models also can charge faster and offer the option to configure with up to 32GB of RAM for more demanding users.

Of course, specs aren’t the whole story with any laptop, but the Surface Book 3 lineup certain seems to have plenty to offer. If you want a better picture of how it measures up, we’ve compiled some charts comparing the new hardware to other top 13-inch and 15-inch laptops — including Apple’s newly refreshed MacBook Pro lineup — below.

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