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How the Surface Go 2 compares to other low-cost tablets

Microsoft has announced the Surface Go 2, an upgrade to 2018’s Surface Go, and this new version packs a lot of new features, including a larger 10.5-inch display, a camera app for the rear-facing camera, and improved battery life. The Surface Go 2 also starts at $399.99, making it affordable enough for people who may just want a cheap Windows computing machine without the more expensive bells and whistles of a Surface Pro or Surface Pro X.

The Surface Go has a lot of competition, however, and its rivals have similar screen sizes and lower prices. Apple’s $329 entry-level iPad was updated last year with a 10.2-inch screen size and a connector that lets you attach a Smart Keyboard to it. Amazon refreshed the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet in 2019 as well, and that costs just $149.99. Samsung announced the $349.99 Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in April, which is scheduled to launch sometime in Q2 2020.

If you’re in the market for an entry-level tablet, there are a lot of different options to pick from. To help you decide which model is best for you, we’ve compared the Surface Go 2 with the iPad, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, and the Amazon Fire HD 10 in the table below.

The table is best viewed in landscape mode on mobile devices.

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