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How to change your Google advertising settings

If you’ve ever seen an ad and thought “Why the heck am I seeing this?” you’re not alone. Google personalizes the ads you see based on your Google account’s activity — and sometimes, that can lead to weird results.

Fortunately, if you want to see ads that are more relevant to you, you can change what Google thinks it knows about you. On the flip side, if you’d rather Google not use your browsing data to target ads at all, you can easily do that, too.

Note: if you’re signed in to your device with multiple Google accounts, personalized ads are usually based on your “default account,” which is the one you signed in with first. So before you get started, make sure you’re using your primary profile.

If you want to see personalized ads, but aren’t happy with the ads you currently see, you can modify your Google account’s traits and interests.

If you want to put back something you’ve removed, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “What you’ve turned off.” You’ll see a list of everything you’ve turned off or removed.

If you don’t want to see ads that are personalized to you at all, you can opt out of seeing them entirely.

Google may still personalize your ads based on your location or the website you’re visiting at the time, but you’ll no longer see ads based on your browsing activity.

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