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HP’s self-cooling Omen Mindframe headset is just $60–a $90 discount



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Active cooling isn’t just for PC components anymore—it’s also for your ears. And today, you can get some prime ear-cooling gear at a fantastic price. HP’s Omen Mindframe gaming headset is just $60 at Amazon, down from a typical price that jumps between $100 and $150, and way, way down from the original $200 MSRP. We dug these air-conditioned cans even at full price. At a mere $60? They’re a steal.

The biggest feature of the Omen Mindframe headset is their FrostCap earcups. These are the aforementioned active cooling earcups, which come with a thermoelectric cooler built-in. The idea is that excess heat flows from one side to the other and away from your tender ears.

In our review of the Mindframe from October 2018, we found that the earcups stayed cold, not just cool. Even better, they stayed cold while we used the headset for long periods, unlike gel-based cooling that heats up over time. If your ears get hot and bothered during extended gaming sessions then this may be the headset for you.

HP outfit the Omen Mindframe with an attractive design, rounded out with a solid microphone and 7.1 virtual surround sound. As this is a gamer headset, it’s also rocking RGB lighting.

We didn’t rate the Omen Mindframe as highly as it perhaps deserved in our review because it lacked features like EQ and 7.1 control, and it was expensive at $200. At $60, this is a bargain, and according to HP’s website audio EQ is now customizable via HP’s Omen Audio Lab program. Two of our biggest gripes about this awesomely radical headset have been taken care of. Don’t miss out.

[Today’s deal: Omen Mindframe PC gaming headset for $60 at Amazon.]

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