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Hurricane season is underway. Pack these emergency bag essentials before the next storm

Natural disasters are bound to happen. Keep these items handy so you’re ready to go.

An example of a good go bag.

The Atlantic hurricane season is upon us and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts an above-average year. You can expect seven to 10 hurricanes and three to five of them at a Category 3 or higher. Tropical Depression Henri is the latest storm that’s expected to have heavy rainfall, flooding up to 3 inches in the Northeast. 

Hurricane season comes with power outages, storm surges and emergency evacuations. Having a go bag, or bugout bag, handy is one of the most important safety measures to take ahead of an emergency or natural disaster. Emergency services in affected areas recommend having a go bag ready at all times.

The idea behind the go bag is simple. If an emergency happens, you grab your go bag and… go. It has everything you need to help keep you safe and healthy until you can go back home. Oftentimes, it includes your phone, medications, important documents and other necessities. Here’s also a few ways you can save your phone during an emergency.

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If you’re lucky enough to have some kind of weather warning, you may have more time to evacuate. But many disasters are so damaging because they’re sudden. At a moment’s notice, you may need to flee your home to find new shelter because of:

Though many experts recommend having a three-day supply of water at home in case of an emergency, evacuating with that amount of water can be impractical — especially if you don’t have a car. The alternative is keeping a device in your go bag that can turn water from ditches, streams, ponds and other water sources into clean drinking water. 

Some options are the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle ($38) or the Liberty LifeSaver ($125). Both can be clipped to the outside of a go bag so they don’t take up precious room in the pockets.

Be warned, though. Many emergency filtration devices like these need to be prepped with drinking water before they can be used as a filter for yucky water. Be sure to read the directions and prep your bottle before clipping it to your go bag.

Batteries may be in short supply in an emergency. That’s why it’s a good idea to put a lighting system in your go bag that can be powered by a renewable resource. 

The ThorFire LED Flashlight ($24) can be powered by sunlight or a hand crank. A solar or crank flashlight that doubles as an AM/FM radio is a good choice, too.

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The city of Chicago, no stranger to strong storms, recommends that each member of your household have their own go bag. If you’re the parent of small children, however, you can use one big bag to hold everything you all need.

Remember, the best kind of bag is one you can carry. Don’t get a huge duffle bag unless you’re very strong and can heft it. If you’re driving, you want a bag that will fit easily in your car. You don’t want one that’s so big you’ll have to leave one of the kids behind to take it with you.

A hiking backpack with various pockets is your best bet. Make sure it’s made from a strong canvas material and has a strap that secures around your chest. This will take some of the strain off your back if you need to walk a long way.

Also, look for a pack that has a water reservoir you can fill with drinking water. These are often called camelbacks or hydration packs. A water-resistant pack can help keep your items dry within, though you can also line it with a plastic garbage bag as well.

The Sandpiper of California bugout backpack ($110) is one example. 

Water and light should be at the top of your list, but there are plenty of other things you should toss in your bag:

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