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Huzzah! Apple enables HD FaceTime calls on iPhone 8 through iPhone 11

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I’ve been using video calls to stay in touch with friends a lot because of the coronavirus pandemic. And I really appreciate it when apps and devices have features to make the call quality better.

Thankfully, Apple has quietly introduced support from 1080p FaceTime calling to some older iPhones — but only on Wi-Fi. According to findings by MacMagazine, the company has listed this feature on product pages of iPhone 8 through iPhone 11.

The publication notes that prior to the iOS 14.2 rollout, this feature wasn’t available on any of these devices. Surprisingly, the Cupertino-based firm didn’t mention this in the release notes for the update.

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iPhone 12 series phones already have this ability out of the box, and they support HD FaceTime calls over a 5G connection.

This is a very useful addition to older iPhones, and at a time when people can’t meet each other, having better video call quality is essential. If you own an older iPhone, you can get this feature by updating to iOS 14.2.

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Published December 3, 2020 — 05:23 UTC

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