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In just 12 hours, this video series will turn you into a certified Mac support expert

TLDR: The Apple Certified Support Professional MacOS 11 Course is a 12-hour video series to become an expert Mac administrator to keep any Mac machine or network running smoothly.

When you were in school, didja ever get to sit at the cool kids’ table during lunch? Maybe you were one of the cool kids and it was no big thing, but most of the rest of us never did. But if we did, we imagine it would be full of smart people who said smart things in a smart way. 

In fact, it would probably be a lot like sitting with those brainiacs who staff an Apple Store’s Genius Bar.  

Rather than imagining you’re an expert on using a Mac or managing an entire office of Macs like one of those geniuses, The Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) MacOS 11 Course ($29.99, 89 percent off, from TNW Deals) can make you a genius in real life, equipped to know and understand who to help support users in an Apple environment.

For anybody who wants to work as a help desk professional, a technical coordinator, or even just a power user, this 42-lecture, 12-plus hour video series explores the Mac from all sides, offering everything a new or experienced Apple pro needs to know to keep a Mac or a whole fleet of Macs operating at top efficiency.

The training conducted by ITProTV is truly top-notch. Unlike other video courses that can be led by knowledgeable pros who might have trouble conveying the information, these 20-minute lessons are designed to go down smoothly.

Across all these episodes, instructors Don Pizet and Zach Memos break down everything Mac experts could face, covering installations and configurations, data management, apps, networking, troubleshooting, and more. Through all these lessons, students will build a core understanding of macOS functionality, how to keep key services up and running, how to identify system problems, and the most efficient way to keep apps working, data flowing, and all systems go with every Mac under your watchful eye.

The Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) MacOS 11 Course is usually a package of training that retails for almost $300, but as part of this lifetime collection, you’ll have all the skills to become a certified Apple Support Pro for just $29.99.

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