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Apple’s still got iOS 13 updates up its sleeve, though this one isn’t expected to have as many features as iOS 13.2.

iOS 13.3: Apple releases the first public beta

While iOS 13.2 delivered the last of the features Apple promised when it first introduced iOS 13 back at WWDC, it’s not like the company is just going to kick back and relax until iOS 14 next year. We can expect at least one or two more point-releases with minor new features, and a few bugfix releases, as well.

iOS 13.2 brings a handful of minor interface tweaks, like the ability to disable memoji stickers suggestions in the emoji keyboard. It may also address the memory management issue reported by some users, where apps are too aggressively purged from memory and have to be reloaded often.

Updated 11/06/19: Apple has released the first Public Beta of iOS 13.3.

For regular users, go to on the iPhone or iPad on which you wish to run the beta. You’ll sign up for the beta there, and download a beta profile. Then go to Settings > General > Profile and to find the beta profile and install it.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll download beta updates just like regular iOS updates: by heading to SettingsGeneral > Software Update.

Developers who want to participate in developer betas can follow a similar procedure by going to to download the developer beta profile.

Multitasking Bug Fix: Some users have reported that iOS 13.2 aggressively releases applications from RAM, so you have to reload your apps far too often. Early reports suggest that iOS 13.3 addresses this over-aggressive memory management.

Communication Limits: In the Screen Time app, you can set limits for phone calls, messages, and FaceTime calls for children depending on who they’re talking to.

Memoji/Animoji Stickers: In Settings > General > Keyboard, you can now turn off Animoji and Memoji Stickers from being displayed on the Emoji keyboard.

Apple Watch app: The ‌Apple Watch‌ app icon’s Digital Crown is now gray instead of black.

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