Tuesday , August 31 2021

The AI also shared shocking news about Ye's love life

Kanye West chatbot gives stunning update on DONDA release date

Kanye West has many talents, but punctuality is not among them. He was late for registration; he was late for orchestration. He even wrote a song about his tardiness, the aptly titled “Late.”

The most irritating instances of Ye’s procrastination are undoubtedly the delays to his album releases.

Fans have become particularly infuriated by the endless postponements to the launch of his latest record, DONDA.

I asked the man himself for an update — and got some concerning answers:

Talk To Kanye is an AI bot.
Talk To Kanye is an AI bot.

Before you get alarmed about Yeezus’ welfare, I should let you in on a shocking secret: I wasn’t talking to the real Kanye.

These messages were, in fact, sent by an imposter: an AI chatbot called TalkToKanye.

The bot was created by Wesam Jawich, a software engineer. He told TNW that the idea emerged during conversations with a friend about the future of AI:

We realized there’s something really powerful about AI chatbots mimicking real people. Like, imagine wanting to learn about calculus and being able to ask Isaac Newton. Kanye’s new album is getting a lot of hype right now because it’s such a wild and funny rollout, so I just started hacking on it that weekend, and now we’re here.

Building the Yebot

Yeezus Christ! I hope an AI ASAP Rocky doesn’t see TalkToKanye’s messages, because the chatbot beef could get ugly.

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