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Keep cool at work and home with this eco-friendly personal air conditioner

When it comes to productivity, central air systems are a drag. That’s because they force everyone to settle for one temperature. If it’s still too hot for you, well then that’s too bad. Want to stay comfortable? Then you need to try the EvaChill EV-500 personal air conditioner.

This lightweight, compact, and award-winning air conditioner is perfect for just about anyone. Simply fill the tank with water, set it up on your desk, and turn it on. In about ten minutes, the EvaChill will have lowered the ambient temperature by as much as 59ºF. And the tank is big enough to allow it to work for up to 9 hours continuously without any maintenance.

The secret lies with the EvaChill’s patented EvaBreeze material which keeps things cool, but as efficiently as possible. In fact, the unit itself generates no heat in its operation, so it’s far more energy efficient than other air conditioners. Plus this one doubles as a humidifier and air purifier so you’ll breathe easier too.

The device is so well designed, in fact, that it was named a 2019 Red Dot Design Award Winner. It features a built-in handle so you can tote it from one room to another, it offers a super easy one button operation, and it comes in two great shades — either white or grey — so one is likely to suit your space.

It’s the air conditioner reimagined. The EvaChill EV-500 retails for $99 but, with this offer, you’ll save 20 percent off the original price tag and get it for only $79.

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