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Leaked video reveals new Surface Duo ‘peek’ feature

Microsoft started publicly demonstrating Android on its Surface Duo device last month, but the company hasn’t shown all of the software features that will be part of this new dual-screen device. A newly leaked video from Twitter user WalkingCat reveals a “peek” feature for the Surface Duo that lets you partially unfold the device and peek at notifications. Android notifications will automatically appear on the right-hand display, making it easy to preview and dismiss them without fully opening the Surface Duo.

You can also peek at calls that are incoming, allowing you to open the Surface Duo fully to accept a call or presumably slam it shut to reject or silence the call. It’s clearly Microsoft’s software alternative to not having a third screen on the outside of the device, like Samsung is using on its Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip devices.


Microsoft is expected to reveal more about the Surface Duo and Surface Neo dual-screen devices at the company’s Build developers conference in May. Recently, Microsoft demonstrated Android on the Surface Duo and provided us with a first look at its Windows 10X operating system, which will power the larger Surface Neo hardware. Microsoft has also revealed its vision for dual-screen apps on Android and Windows 10X and is encouraging developers to get their apps ready for when the devices launch later this year.

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