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Learn Python coding and data science skills for under $40


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Data science plays a vital role in the creation of automated technologies. It is an area of expertise that is, in fact, expected to face considerable job growth in the coming years. If you want a career that’s both challenging and lucrative, then The Ultimate Python Programmer and Data Certification Bundle provides a near risk-free way of discovering your aptitude.

This package, which contains $1,800 worth of training, provides a robust introduction to this emerging subject. It features nine beginner-friendly courses that’ll introduce students to the Python programming language (a workhorse language in the realm of data science), illustrate the foundations of data science, plus show them how to apply skills in an array of automated technologies. And, since each course is delivered entirely via the web, they’re way more flexible and affordable than traditional forms of education.

And, the possibilities of what you could do with your new found skills are huge. You could become a professional Python coder creating anything apps to video games, obtain an entry-level position with a company that’s developing AI technologies, or use it as a jumping off point for advanced studies. But you have to start somewhere and, with The Ultimate Python Programmer & Data Certification Bundle being offered at over 90% off its usual price, this collection is the perfect starting point.

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