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The company says it’s an ‘inspiration’ for cars you’ll actually be able to buy

Lincoln to show off EV concept on April 20th

Lincoln, Ford’s luxury brand, has announced that it’ll show off a “fully electric concept vehicle” on April 20th as a way to tease upcoming electric offerings. In a short video, the company shows off a partial outline of the vehicle, which will likely be a smaller SUV or crossover, as the company currently doesn’t make any sedans (sad news for anyone like me who would love a Hyundai-esque ’80s Continental revival).

There currently aren’t any fully electric Lincolns, though the company does offer three plugin hybrids, as Electrek points out. Last year, the company announced its plans to “electrify its entire portfolio of vehicles by 2030” and promised that its first full EV would “debut” in 2022.

As a concept car, whatever Lincoln shows off next week won’t actually be for sale. However, the company’s announcement says that it will act as “inspiration for the brand’s fully electric vehicles coming in the near future,” which hopefully means that the company will announce an EV you can actually buy by the end of this year (if your pockets are deep enough, that is).

Ford already has two EV platforms that could be used for future electric luxury SUVs. It seems possible that the company could announce an electric Navigator based on the F-150 Lightning (which would be an interesting answer to GM’s electric Hummer) and a crossover based on the Mustang Mach-E sometime in the near future. This concept reveal will probably offer at least some insight into the automaker’s plans.

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