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Ludwig compares your writing with 200 million examples to provide instant feedback


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There are many different ways to make the same point using the English language. By comparing your writing style with others, Ludwig helps you correct errors and find the perfect flow. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription for 60% off

While Word and Google Docs can spot spelling mistakes, they do not actually understand your writing. As a result, they are unable to help you craft sentences that flow better or make more sense. 

In contrast, Ludwig compares your writing to similar examples from respected sources, such as national newspapers. The app has a database of 200 million sentences, meaning you are likely to find a close match. 

By looking at the search results, you can see how other writers structured their sentences in the same context. Ludwig can also help you find a suitable word to fill any gap; you simply insert an asterisk wherever you need suggestions.

Available on Mac, Windows, and the web, Ludwig also offers definitions and synonyms with a click. You can even search for sentences in another language and matching results in English. 

Order now for $119 to get a lifetime subscription including unlimited searches, worth $299.

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