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Master the ins and outs of QuickBooks with this five-course bundle of classes

Running your own small business means the responsibility of taking care of the finances usually falls on you. That can be a time-consuming venture unless you learn bookkeeping skills with a trusted program like QuickBooks. Now you can get lifetime access to the program with a QuickBooks Self-Employed Bookkeeping Training Bundle.

You’ll get five different classes and 30 hours of instruction to help you get comfortable with you company’s finances. Whether it’s tracking revenue and expenses, forecasting taxes or any other financial question, QuickBooks can help. And with 270 separate lessons, your questions are bound to be answered in this bundle.

You’ll start with three one-hour courses to get you on the right page. You’ll learn the basics of bookkeeping and QuickBooks, and how to create.a website for your business. Then the lessons get in-depth and intense.

You will walk through QuickBooks bookkeeping engagement and data entry with nearly 100 lessons and 13 hours of instruction, followed by another 100 lessons and 14 hours of classes on understanding QuickBooks business plans.It will take you from simple data entry to preparing year-end reports and tax documents, and how to enter and track payroll expenses. You’ll learn some of the common mistakes people make when entering data, and tricks to make the program do the work for you.

The bulk of the instruction is handled by Robert Steele, a CPA who specializes in training business owners and the author of five different books on the subject. Steele will make clear the role of the bookkeeper, business owner and employees in a small-business setting.

Each of these five classes is normally priced at $200 each, but for a limited time you can get the entire QuickBooks Self-Employed Bookkeeping Training Bundle for just $19.99, a savings of 98 percent. That’s a price too good to pass up.

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