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Mitigate your risk of getting hacked with help from with this online academy


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Cyber crime rates are on the rise. In fact, according to this 2019 Juniper Research paper, the financial burden of this global nuisance is expected to surpass $2 trillion in 2020 alone. But don’t panic. It turns out that education plays a major role in mitigating the risks, which is why grabbing a lifetime subscription to the CyberTraining 365 Online Academy is money well spent.

The CyberTraining 365 Online Academy is a multi-award winning e-training platform. It offers students access to over 660 hours worth of cutting-edge security skills training, facilitated by industry experts, that’ll bring them in line with the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. If you own a business and worry that it might be vulnerable, do yourself a favor and find out whether you or your employees could benefit from enrollment.

What makes the CyberTraining 365 Online Academy so different is the fact that students are actually able to earn real certifications while they learn. Few web-based skills training programs boast such a profound advantage. And, since the content is delivered via the web, there are literally no classes to attend. That makes it really convenient, especially for professionals already working in the field who probably don’t have time for a regular full class schedule.

The way we see it, you basically have two choices. Keep doing things the way you are now and pray you don’t become another cyber crime statistic, or put the power of knowledge on your side with the CyberTraining 365 Online Academy. Since the cost of a lifetime subscription is discounted to just $79.99 (from the regular cost of $2,495), this choice should be one of the easiest ones you’ll ever have to make.

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